At Blazing Cat Fur: ‘You wanna get crazy? I can get crazier!’

13 September 2010

There must be one hundred great items on my desktop this morning. These two are my java-powered favorites with which to begin the new blogging day.

At Blazing Cat Fur:
Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Nippon Steel, Kawasaki

Never a word of apology from these giants of Japanese industry for their use of 
POW/Slave labour in WW II.


Our leaders run like the little pussies they are…Burn the motahfuking Koran

The elites preach that we must be “better” and not burn the koran even though it was our media and politicians who elevated a crank pastor to “official news” status for a silly stunt that has been performed on YouTube for years now. Our media and politicians then fell over themselves trying to be the Ist in line to kowtow to the threats of lunatics. The elites do not think we are worth defending, they would rather surrender – Us.

This is the “better” that Islam understands.

* * *
CAJ note: This dude has expressed dogzilla’s “nuke and pave” attitude, only more articulately. We had to sign our lives away to download that video directly from YouTube, but the man was worth it. He should go viral.

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