Attention, parents: Common Core opt-out form now available

Michelle Malkin

Courtesy of  Truth in American Education, you can now exercise your parental rights to protect your children from the nationalized Common Core racket. Download, print, Facebook, tweet, and share the opt-out form. The revolt is growing. Make your voice and your choice heard.



Malkin’s list of links relating to her articles on Rotten to the Core and CSCOPE is at

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While many Americans worry about government drones in the sky spying on our private lives, Washington meddlers are already on the ground and in our schools gathering intimate data on children and families.

Say goodbye to your children’s privacy. Say hello to an unprecedented nationwide student tracking system, whose data will apparently be sold by government officials to the highest bidders. It’s yet another encroachment of centralized education bureaucrats on local control and parental rights under the banner of “Common Core.”…

UpdateWisconsin Education Officials Want Students To Wear “White Privilege” Wristbands…


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