Back off, Barack! Britain will leave EU

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

A senior official of the Obama “administration” has gotten himself into hot water by telling Britain what to do. Obama’s view, apparently, is that it is in the interests of the United States that Britain should remain a mere satrapy or vassal state of the hated European tyranny-by-clerk, and should not think of leaving…

…even the right of habeas corpus, the fundamental right not to be imprisoned without trial, has been swept away. Any tin-pot EU government can exercise the arbitrary powers of an absolute monarch by issuing a “European Arrest Warrant.” There is no trial. No extradition hearing. No requirement that there should be even a smidgen of prima facie evidence against the victim. He is arrested, brought before a judge to ensure that he is the person named in the warrant, bundled into a plane, and locked up and starved in some foul foreign calabozo for indefinite periods – often months at a time – without trial.

We Brits are not prepared to tolerate this disgusting reinvention of tyranny for a single instant longer. If we have anything to do with it, government of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats, for the bureaucrats shall perish forever from the Earth. Whether our governing class likes it or not, we are going to have a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or come out. We are going to vote to come out…

…Why is it that “Democrats” are so anti-democratic? Our equivalent, the Labor Party, is at one with your president in opposing the notion of a referendum to let us decide whether we get our democracy and our independence back.

The left have always been, and will always be, dedicated supporters of tyranny. The National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany, the Fascists of Italy, the Communists of Russia and China – all were parties of the hard left. So the last thing their political heirs today will countenance is the notion of letting the people decide whether to live under a stifling tyranny or whether to live in democracy and freedom.

It is an intriguing irony that we, from whom your nation won its freedom, now find ourselves reading and re-reading the great speeches and writings of your Founding Fathers, to relearn from them not just the rhetoric of freedom, but its meaning, too. God bless America!

Read the entire article at WorldNetDaily.

To learn the background of Lord Monckton’s article, Britain should stay in European Union, says Obama administration. Intervention from senior US official comes as UK position on EU membership is criticised in Brussels and Dublin

The Obama administration issued a direct challenge to David Cameron over Europe, on Wednesday when it warned of the dangers of holding a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

A senior US official questioned the merits of holding a referendum as the prime minister’s campaign to reset the terms of Britain’s EU membership also came under assault from Brussels and Dublin…

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Update: Read Dave’s lips – the result of any EU referendum will be ‘in’ or ‘in’.


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