Barack Obama uses memorial service to Navy Yard victims to push gun control agenda

Obama at Navy Yard Shooting Memorial: ‘In America, It’s Easy to Get Your Hands on a Gun’

Fox News Insider

…President Obama said, “We Americans are not inherently more violent people than folks in other counties. We’re not inherently more prone to mental health problems. The main difference that sets our nation apart, what makes us so susceptible to so many mass shootings is that we don’t do enough; we don’t take the basic common sense action to get guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. What’s different in America is it’s easy to get your hands on a gun.”

He blamed politics for the resignation. “I do not accept that we cannot find a common sense way to preserve our traditions, including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law abiding gun owners, while at the same time reducing the gun violence that unleashes so much mayhem on a regular basis. […] It will happen because it’s the change that we need.”

That change, the president said, will not come from politicians in Washington, but from Americans, themselves. “Our tears are not enough. Our words and our prayers are not enough. If we really want to honor these 12 men and women, […] then we’re going to have to change.”…


The complete article, with video, is at Fox News Insider.


CAJ note: The city of Washington, DC, as well as the Navy Yard, is already a “gun-free zone.” And, in another “gun-free zone” this weekend, Three killed, 23 wounded in latest Chicago shootings  and  Chicago Gun Violence: Man Shot In Gold Coast Over Parking Spot Among Weekend Shooting Victims



 Update:   Obama to Americans: You Need to Care More Obama want’s to know why you lack his wisdom and caring. We’re talking guns, of course.



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