Barack Obama Warns Americans about His Second Term as President of the United States

da Tagliare
Godfather Politics

If you think Barack Obama has been bad for the country during his first term as president, just wait till he is re-elected.

During the first three years in office, he has openly ignored and violated dozens of federal laws as well as numerous provisions in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. There has never been a president in the history of our nation guilty of more crimes against the American people than Barack Obama.

He publicly stated that he didn’t care what the Constitution said. He’s also publicly told us that he does not intend to uphold all of the immigration laws. Then he turned around and ordered the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Marriage Defense Act. A sitting president does not have the legal power to disregard an act of Congress, but he doesn’t care about the law.

Obamacare has at least 4 central provisions that are unconstitutional, but that doesn’t stop him from enacting it anyway. Besides being unconstitutional, Obamacare will raise taxes of every American by a substantial amount, even though Obama promises to not raise taxes on middle and poverty class citizens.

Barack Obama has also declared war on Christianity. His directives have been aimed at destroying Christian liberties while at the same time giving many of those liberties to his Muslim brothers.

The list of his atrocities against the American people is too long to list here. But it will be nothing compared to what he has planned for his second term and he’s told us so, indirectly…

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