‘Be honest and kick ass’: Gov. Christie energizes House GOP at retreat

Molly K. Hooper
The Hill

BALTIMORE — House Republicans left their three-day retreat with resolve to be courageous and pursue a bold agenda this year.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in his closing remarks on Saturday, that “this has the most focused and serious-minded retreat I can remember being part of,” according to a source in the room.

As members filed out of the Baltimore Marriott to board buses back to D.C., they seemed buoyed by a much-needed pow wow on the agenda for the election year ahead…

…New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie injected some of that adrenaline with his speech to the conference Friday night.

According to sources in the closed-door event, Christie’s message was “be honest and go kick ass.”

“It’s what we needed to hear … don’t be afraid, basically he said stand with the Ryan budget, stand with your principles and go forward,” a lawmaker who attended the dinner speech said…

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