'Beavis and Butthead' or former Obama NSC spokesman? 'Dude, #Benghazi Was Like Two Years Ago'

The Washington Free Beacon

…The previously unreleased White House emails this week revealed a coordinated attempt to protect President Barack Obama during the 2012 election campaign and place the blame for the terrorist attack on the anti-Islamic YouTube video and not a “broader failure of policy.”…


“Dude, this was like two years ago,” Vietor said. “We’re still talking about the most mundane process.”

“Dude,” Baier sarcastically shot back, “it is the thing that everybody is talking about.”

Vietor’s math is also off. The attack that killed four Americans took place Sept. 11, 2012, less than 20 months ago.


…Vietor showed off the usual cavalier attitude of the White House toward Benghazi with this tweet before going on air. In fact, it was exactly a year ago that White House spokesman Jay Carney said Benghazi “was a long time ago.”…



The entire article, with transcript of the exchange, is at The Washington Free Beacon.



Update:   White House Doesn’t Know If They’ve Been Forthcoming On Benghazi  (video)

…So to sum up, Carney isn’t sure how to answer, except to say that what they have done they’ve only done because Fox News and Republicans made them do it. Remarkable.



Update 2: NSA Spokesman Says Obama Never Entered The Situation Room During Benghazi Attack

Tommy Vietor: I was in the Situation Room that night. Ok. And we didn’t know where the ambassador was. Definitively.

Bret Baier: Was the president in the Situation Room?

Vietor: No…

Baier: Where was the president.

Vietor: In the White House.

Baier: He wasn’t in the Situation Room.

Vietor: Uhh. At what point in the evening. He was constantly… It’s well known that when the attack was first briefed to him it was in the Oval Office. And he was updated constantly…

Baier: Sp then when Hillary Clinton talks to him by phone at 10 PM, he’s where?

Vietor: I don’t know. I don’t have a tracking device on him in the residence.

Baier: But you were in the Situation Room and he wasn’t there.

Vietor: Yes.


Ironically, he was trying to defend the president when he made these comments, by criticizing Fox News for airing reports that Obama watched the attack unfold from the Situation Room. Is it any better that he never bothered to check in and see what was going on?…



CAJ note: Barack Hussein Obama, the Accidental President.


Update 3: Attkisson: Why Can’t We See Photos at White House During Benghazi Attack?

…“I’ve asked for the White House photographs taken that night,” Attkisson told Beck. “The White House photo office went from telling me the very day I asked that I could have them to referring me to Josh Earnest, a press officer at the White House, saying he had to release them. And it’s been a year-and-a-half and he won’t return my calls or emails.”

The Foundry reached out to Earnest for comment; as of this story’s publication, he had not responded.

Attkisson, who was assigned by CBS News to investigate Benghazi about three weeks after the attack, said she was regularly stonewalled by the Obama administration.

“We don’t even know what the commander-in-chief did that night,” Attkisson said. “We’re not allowed to know. And I think that’s pretty shocking.”…



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