Beck: John Boehner should lose his speakership

Glenn Beck

Conservatives have long had an issue with Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and his questionable decisions, but a new report from National Review might just take the cake.

According to TheBlaze:

House Speaker John Boehner’s staff is advising the White House on what to say to win Republican votes for U.S. military action in Syria, according to National Review.

Boehner (R-Ohio) said last week he supports President Barack Obama’s call for action, one of relatively few Republicans to say so publicly. With Obama set to address the nation Tuesday, the speaker’s staff is advising White House chief of staff Denis McDonough on what the president needs to say to win GOP support, National Review reported…

“Let me tell you something: John Boehner should lose his speakership, and the people of Ohio should rise up and apologize to the rest of America,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This guy is actually advising the president on how to attract Republicans to his case. He’s advising the president!”

Considering the waning public support (on both sides of the aisle) for U.S. intervention in the country, it is unclear why Speaker Boehner would be inclined to assist the president.

“The American people are clearly against it and the Republicans can’t run to the president’s side faster,” Stu said.

“They are against it 71 to 29 percent,” Pat added.

“The progressive disease is all‑encompassing. Get away from these parties. Get away from these parties. My gosh. What a waste of skin that guy is. Whew,” Glenn said. “He doesn’t care. I’m telling you, it is the progressive disease… Don’t listen to them. In your gut you know what’s right. You know what’s right. And I love people who just say, ‘Well, I don’t really…’ Well, then educate yourself. What do you think? These guys are not smarter than you are. They are not. I’ve met most of them. They’re much dumber than you think… What world are we living in? Common sense. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Do your own homework. Question everybody, including this broadcast.”


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Think America has a chance to be on the side of right in the Syria conflict? According to TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton, that’s not the case. He joined Glenn on Monday’s TV program to explain why America’s best outcome may just be a repeat of Egypt, a scenario which ends with The Muslim Brotherhood, probably under a pseudonym, coming to power in Syria.


Watch the video to educated yourself about the players in Syria!



Update: WATCH: What is the conflict in Syria all about?  

Tonight, I want to show you what Syria is really all about and boil it down to what Progressives say they’re against, but see, they never really are – oil and money. That’s what this war is really all about.

Maybe that’s why George Bush fought the last war. I don’t know. I mean, they said Dick Cheney was Darth Vader. Darth Vader, right? Well, let me show you what this one’s really about. Russia here has been partners with Syria for a long time. Why? Well, for one reason. This is the Mediterranean here, and the only other port that they can pull into is right here. So all of their ships that are out in the Mediterranean and go all out, they all have to come back in to refuel here, unless Syria allows them in.

So Syria is critical. It’s critical because of their land mass. They have no access to warm water. They are in ice lock or land lock everywhere else. Syria provides that access to water. Without it, Russia is vulnerable. Shipping would be extremely difficult for Russia. And we’ve seen in the past few days as the anti-Syrian rhetoric increases, Russia sends their ships back. They send actual missile cruisers right here, and they move their warships along the naval vessels to help Assad’s regime.

Syria is important because the ships, but there’s another reason, a dirty little secret that the media won’t let you in on this time around, that this is a war for oil, and here’s how: Ronald Reagan said in the 1980s if you ever, ever let Russia build a pipeline, it will be a stranglehold on Europe. Well, in 2016, there will be a new oil and natural gas pipeline that is going to open up, and where is it going to open up?

It’s going to open up right here and go up into Europe, but first, it goes like that. It’s in Syria. It is the most strategic place in the region. It’s the strategic place for a pipeline to flow into Europe. It comes from Russia, and it goes through Iran into Syria. That’s how it works. Well, there was another offer. Instead of the pipeline coming down like this and then up into Russia, the other offer was for a similar pipeline, and it went like this. It was a proposal by the great country of Qatar, but they were denied. It was the Islamic nations’ pipeline.

John Kerry recently said the Arab nations have offered to pay for the entire war in Syria. Really? Saudi Arabia is one of them. Really? Qatar is the other one. Wow, the kindness of their hearts, or is it the kindness of their radical Islamist hearts? It’s all about money and oil. They want a pipeline, and they’re prepared to do anything to get this pipeline as opposed to this pipeline.

By the way, you lose either pipeline. It doesn’t make a difference to us, but it makes a heck of a lot of the difference a Russia. It makes a heck of a lot difference to Iran, and it makes a whole lot of a difference to all the people who we’re cozy with. By the way, we know Saudi Arabia, they’re the ones who we went with on our hands and begged them for money during the banking crisis, but Qatar, why is that name so familiar?

Oh, I remember. Qatar is the founding nation and the sole supporter of Al Jazeera TV. Oh, that’s right. No wonder so many Progressives in the administration are singing the praises of Al Jazeera. It is all about money and oil. This is a war for oil. That was the mantra during the Iraq crisis, right? All you have to do is pull the mask off of Darth Vader, and you see him right there. It’s Dick Cheney. Is it? Pull the mask off of Dick Cheney – uh oh, it looks like exactly the same game.

But they’re not calling it war for oil today. No, they’re not saying that, but they should be because that’s the layer that everybody is missing. And meanwhile, our president is going to come out and say we’ve got to get involved because of the children. Isn’t that what they accused Bush of doing? It’s amazing how Progressives continue to play the same game over and over again, and it will succeed unless you wake up…


You Think Obama Wants to Strike Syria? You’re Wrong 

Let’s be real for one second: President Barack Obama never had any intention for a military intervention in Syria. Every speech calling for United States action, “targeted strikes” or otherwise, every promise that the U.S. will not stand on the sidelines, the turn to Congress for approval — it has all been part of a political stunt. Obama played us good…


Putin’s Pipeline to Syria

WHILE CNN WAS PROMOTING terrorists in Syria, (95% of ‘Syrian rebels’ are not Syrians), a little noticed headline appeared in the Wall Street Journal in July 2011.

The article, “Iran, Iraq, Syria Sign $10 Billion Gas-Pipeline Deal,” reported that a new Middle East pipeline, changing the geopolitical complexion of the region with dire consequences for the Jewish-led West, would run from the Iranian South Pars gas field to Damascus via Iraq territory…

…Vladimir Putin is keeping the enterprise under wraps knowing that he stands to be a big winner in this new geopolitical equation…



CAJ note: There are anti-semitic sentiments expressed in this article, which we find repugnant. Putin is not a good guy who just happens to be thwarting “Jewish ambitions”; he is a ruthless, albeit astute politician. What we want readers to see in this post is the geo-political ramifications of what is happening and what the American media is not reporting.

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