Beck, Napolitano, Reina share stage at Restoring America in Jackson Township

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Former New Jersey Supreme Court Judge Andrew Napolitano at the Jackson Township Restoring America Rally.

Jackson, NJ – Mayor Mike Reina was one of a long list of speakers at today’s Restoring America rally at Six Flags Great Adventure, a rally hosted by the New Jersey Tea Party and the Jackson Tea Party Patriots. Two dozen speakers from all walks of Tea Party life over six hours took the stage to tell their stories about why business as usual in America is no longer working for its citizens.

After teamster Andy Sullivan delivered a passionate speech about all that is wrong with the politics that surrounds the approval of a mosque at ground zero, black conservative Lloyd Marcus played two of his Tea Party themed musical theatricals that inspired the crowd of frustrated Americans of all races, colors and backgrounds. Marcus, a Baltimore native and host of the Lloyd Marcus Show has long been a critic of ineffective social welfare programs in black communities.

Conservative activist Lloyd Marcus at the Jackson Township Restoring America Tea Party Rally.

Jackson’s very own Rabbi Jan Rosenberg and Reverend Dr. Hugh MacKenzie also shared the stage at one point in a show of interfaith support of the tea party movement. Jackson Township Mayor Mike Reina, one of the founding members of the original Jackson Tea Party introduced New Jersey native and former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano who lashed out at President Obama and congress for the passing of this year’s Health Care Bill, which many refer to as Obamacare and asked why after winning elections they “forget about freedom”. Napolitano compared modern day America to the pre-revolutionary colonies where citizens were overtaxed, overregulated and seemed underpowered. The colonists eventually united and overcame tyranny, the seemingly underlying metaphor behind his speech. While headliner Beck criticized unions, public pensions and praised Governor Chris Christie, Napolitano critized president Obama as “president who comes along every two or three generations that seriously violates the Constitution”.

Jackson Township Mayor Mike Reina spoke at the Restoring America Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure and introduced Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Nearly 1,000 people were in attendance for the event.

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CAJ note: In the original article Mr. Marcus’s name was spelled, “Llyod Marcus.” This is wrong, according to Mr. Marcus’s website, and so we have corrected it in this post.

Update: TheRightScoop has video of Glenn’s speech at this event, and also of Walid Shoebat. Both are very powerful and inspiring and well worth your time. If you are not familiar with the fearless Mr. Shoebat, check our articles at Common American Journal.

H/T Mr. Smith.

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