Beck warns, exhorts, encourages diverse audience at Chabad fundraiser

Joanne Hill
The Jewish Tribune [CA]

TORONTO – American media personality Glenn Beck brought warnings, exhortations and encouragement to a diverse and attentive audience last week at the fifth annual fundraising gala for Uptown Chabad.

“All I’m trying to do is understand the world,” said Beck, “and tell the truth and to warn of history repeating itself…. There is no such thing as neutral anymore. The question is: what do we do? Our world is coming apart.”

The popular radio talk show host and best-selling author received two standing ovations in the packed auditorium of the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre. He wore a lapel pin featuring entwined Canadian and Israeli flags.

Despite the differences between Americans and Canadians, he said, “we have a lot in common: we have a world in trouble. The signs are always the same…. I believe the Jewish people are always the canary in the coal mine and how a world or a society treats the Jew says a lot. It happens the same way time and time again.”

Beck brought with him a few historical books and documents from his personal collection to help illustrate the ways in which different societies have taken the wrong path…

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