Bibi’s Churchill Moment

Thomas Stackpole
Foreign Policy

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes his place behind the podium to address Congress on Feb. 11, he will tie Winston Churchill for the record of most addresses by a foreign leader in American history. Netanyahu’s many critics may find that galling, but the Israeli leader and his supporters will argue that the link between the two men is well deserved.

The invitation for what would be Netanyahu’s third address to a joint session of Congress came from House Speaker John Boehner as a rebuttal to U.S. President Barack Obama’s State of the Union promise that, to protect the “chance to negotiate a comprehensive agreement that prevents a nuclear-armed Iran,” he would veto any new sanctions on Tehran. In Boehner’sannouncement Wednesday morning, Jan. 21, to members of the House Republican Conference, Boehner said he wants “the prime minister to address Congress on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life.” In effect, the leader of the Republican majority in the House will be giving a foreign leader the chance to directly lobby hundreds of lawmakers on a piece of pending — and enormously controversial — legislation…



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House Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday he is inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress next month about the threat from Iran, in a sharp rebuke to President Obama.

Such invitations typically are coordinated with the White House and State Department, but this one was not. The House speaker’s office said Netanyahu will be invited to speak Feb. 11 before a joint session of Congress. The invitation comes as lawmakers weigh legislation, supported by Republicans and some Democrats, to tee up more sanctions against Iran in case negotiations fail to curtail the country’s nuclear enrichment program…



Mark Levin salutes John Boehner (audio)

It’s a rare occasion these days, but tonight in his opening segment Mark Levin saluted John Boehner for bringing in Netanyahu to speak the truth about Iran and radical Islam before a joint session of Congress.




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White House spokesman says PM Netanyahu’s address to Congress ‘departs from protocol’ after it says Jerusalem has not given proper notice of the invitation.


Update: Churchill: The Last Lion Who Saved Western Civilization, by Victor Davis Hanson

…Churchill took over the day Hitler invaded Western Europe. Within six weeks, an isolated Britain was left alone facing the Third Reich. What is now the European Union was then either under Nazi occupation, allied with Germany or ostensibly neutral while favoring Hitler…

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