Biden Lectured Ayaan Hirsi Ali On Islam

“I wasn’t used to arguing with vice presidents.”

Bradford Thomas
Truth Revolt

…“Wherever [Islamists] gain power, you see exactly what they do: The first thing they do is they chase women out of the public space, force them to cover up, beat them up, rape them, sell them into slavery,” said Hirsi Ali.

The purpose of her organization is to expose reality such as this, particularly to Western liberals, who she said must “review their thinking.” But getting the left to do so is no easy task, as Hirsi Ali’s encounter with Vice President Biden exemplifies.

At a dinner in Washington, Biden attempted to correct her perspective on relationship between the Islamic State and Islam, saying, “ISIS had nothing to do with Islam.” When she pushed back, Biden said, “Let me tell you one or two things about Islam…”

“I politely left the conversation at that,” Hirsi Ali said. “I wasn’t used to arguing with vice presidents.”

As the Examiner outlines, Hirsi Ali’s knowledge of the realities of Islam is rooted in her own traumatic experiences…



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