‘Big Sis’ admits Dems depend on Mexican immigrants for votes

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

…When asked if she foresees Arizona turning into a so-called “blue state” dominated by Democrats, Napolitano said she sees the same trends in the state that resulted in Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada turning blue. Eventually, she said, Arizona will turn blue as well, although in the short term it will be “purple”–a swing state that can go either way.

The reason? Immigration. Or more precisely, the lack of rational limits and restrictions in immigration policy that has allowed millions of illegal aliens into the country while at the same time severely restricting the number of Europeans that are allowed to become citizens.

The wide-open “see no evil, speak no evil” philosophy that has dominated U.S. policy toward the southern border for decades has resulted in quickly changing demographics in the country, particularly in the southwestern states…

…other factors that have contributed to the red-to-blue state phenomenon. The Colorado Model, which Democratic billionaire mega-donors devised to take over the state, is being used in other states, such as North Carolina and Florida. It is a safe bet to assume that this model is also being implemented in Arizona and other states in the region.

In addition, Democratic legislatures at the state level can gerrymander districts in such a way as to insure that Democrats will be elected. The majority party in a state has the power to set districts for state offices. California, for example, has been dominated by Democrats for so long that the districts are configured in a manner that heavily favors Democratic candidates. There is no doubt that this is also happening in Colorado, Nevada, and other states that have turned blue…

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Related: Top Senate Democrat Notifies Republicans He Plans To Ram Immigration Bill Through Congress…

…“I intend to proceed to comprehensive immigration reform with all deliberate speed,” Leahy wrote to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., in a letter today informing Sessions that Republicans will only have one week to consider the immigration bill — two, if Republicans use procedural means to slow it. “Under the Rules of our Committee, you will have your rights protected to hold over the legislation the first week that it is listed on the Committee’s agenda. After that, you will have the right to circulate and offer amendments.”…


Reminder: How Mexico Treats “Undesirable” Foreigners, by Michelle Malkin

…While you read this passage, contemplate the inexorable push by open-borders groups to secure illegal alien “rights” to American jobs, American military assignments, American driver’s licenses, discounted U.S. college tuition and Obamacare:

“Only Mexicans by birth can perform all government employments, positions, or commissions in which the status of citizenship is indispensable. During peacetime, foreigners shall neither serve in the Army nor in the police bodies. During peacetime, only Mexicans by birth can serve in the Army, in the Navy or in the Air Force as well can perform any employment or commission within such corporations.

The same condition applies to captains, pilots, skippers, ship engineers, flight engineers and, in general, to every crew member in a ship or an airplane carrying the Mexican flag. In the same way, only Mexicans by birth can be port harbormasters, steersmen and airport superintendents.

Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners, under equal circumstances, for all kind of concessions, employments, positions or commissions of the government in which the status of citizenship is not indispensable.”…

…Exit question: If such self-interested “nativism” is right and good for the protection and survival of Mexico, why not for the United States?


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Update: Woman tries to hop border fence with four senators watching

It may or may not have been the first time an attempted illegal border crossing was live-tweeted. It very likely was the first time such an event was live-tweeted by a sitting U.S. senator…

Also, Obama ‘confident’ immigration reform will get done this summer


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