Bill Ayers and #Occupy Harrisburg: Debate Is Done

Ayers lies easily…America has generally accepted Bill Ayers as an upstanding member of society; he no longer is recognized as an extremist. In short, he is the mainstream. America and the American People are not what they once were…the left has spent decades implementing its goals into public policies and social acceptance, and it continues doing so ruthlessly and without apology. That’s why Bill Ayers is mainstream. The left doesn’t apologize for what it believes and what it does…

Paul Hair
Foreign and Domestic Intelligencer

This is the second time I have covered Occupy Harrisburg.

Bill Ayers spoke at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, PA on December 14 at the invitation of the militant Occupy Harrisburg. I estimated between 100 and 200 people attended the event.

Eric Papenfuse owns the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Papenfuse, a former public school teacher, previously invited Ayers to speak in south-central Pennsylvania in 2010. He wrote an OP-ED explaining why he did so and The Patriot-News published it, revealing his radical, anti-capitalist views.

I summarize the night in a list of bullet points in the following section but I don’t go into extremely thorough commentary because there is a bigger point here than Bill Ayers and Occupy Harrisburg.

One final note: I break this document into two parts: the first part contains the summarization of the event. The second part is where I discuss the bigger point than Bill Ayers and the anti-free-market Occupy Harrisburg. Those who wish for a shorter read may only wish to read the first part.


Event Summary:
  • I found Ayers far less articulate and convincing that I had expected he would be—certainly far less than John Luciew of The Patriot-News found him when he wrote his glowing puff piece on Ayers and his appearance at Dickinson College in nearby Carlisle during February 2011. The so-called facts that Ayers presented were clearly false and his rhetoric amusingly immature.
  • The mainstream media, the Democrats, and Barack Obama supposedly aren’t leftist enough for Bill Ayers, Occupy Harrisburg, and other hard leftists. This isn’t a surprising revelation to anyone who has any knowledge of leftists—they are, after all, never satisfied no matter how much they get. However, while Ayers repeatedly complained of the mainstream media (even citing institutions such as NPR, The New York Times, etc. by name), the Democratic Party, and the president as not being leftist enough and as being part of the problem, I don’t think he truly believes that.

    I don’t doubt that Ayers would like a more communist nation than what we already have. Yet I also don’t think he views the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the president with as much contempt as he displays. I think it is an act. If one understands Ayers and his comrades, and understands that their goal simply is to destroy the system so as to create a power vacuum into which they and the other communists can fill (see the Cloward-Piven strategy, or the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Spring), then one understands that it is advantageous to them all to encourage hatred of whomever holds national power. In other words, they want to collapse the national government in order to fulfill their revolution. And so it suits Ayers and the other communists’ purpose to say that the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the president aren’t leftist enough…

…This Is a Fight and It’s Long Past Time to Acknowledge It:

Leftists will never change their minds—they will settle for nothing less than our destruction and hell on earth.

But I don’t want to continue whining about the left’s takeover of America. I’m as tired as everyone else with conservatives and other non-leftists whining about it. Let’s just act. Every attack of the left needs to be met with (at minimum) an equally hard attack and preferably an even harder attack—and there should be no apologies.

I’m also tired of the cries to “end the divisiveness” and that “we need to come together on common ground.” Nonsense. Where is the honor in ending divisiveness with evil? Where is the honor in coming together on “common ground” with evil? I want divisiveness with evil. And let’s stop being distracted by “debate” with the left as they turn their agenda into public policy and social acceptance.

It is time for us to play by the same rules. Therefore, from now on, I will do so.

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