Bill Maher: There Is A Gay Mafia And If You Cross Them, You Get Whacked

Caleb Howe

On Friday’s “Real Time” in the online after-show portion, Bill Maher was discussing the recent controversy at Mozilla over the now-former CEOs support of Prop 8, which would have banned gay marriage in California. Maher’s comments might surprise you. Not the content, mind you, the source.

Those on the right, or those who simply have eyes and ears, know whereof he speaks. The organized gay left is incredibly effective at silencing opposition to any of their agenda points. GLAAD is a particular and pertinent example. Cross them, as happened in this case, and the consequences will be swift and severe…

Maher: What do you think of the Mozilla CEO having to step down over his donation to [a] pro-Proposition 8 group? […]

So this guy apparently does not want gay people to get married, and he had to step down. What do you think of that, the question is.

Former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.): I guess he gave $1,000 eight years ago, and it’s come back to haunt him.

Carrie Sheffield, Forbes: Well, and he gave it when President Obama still was against gay marriage. So I don’t think it’s very fair.

Maher: Good point. Also, I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked. I really do.



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…Popular culture teaches that no one is more important than you are and that self-absorbed philosophy is what we are seeing being played out before our eyes today.

We have raised a generation of spoiled brats who have grown into selfish adults.

Just look at the actions of the Gay Mafia and their supporters, who forced Mozilla CEO Brendon Eich out of his job this week in a selfish and cruel act, designed to grab power over the faith practiced by the majority of American citizens.

Growing up, I always noticed that the worst bullies were actually intolerant little nobodies who wanted you to feel as miserable as they did…



How Rare Are Anti-Gay-Marriage Donations in Silicon Valley?

…In total between these 11 companies, 83 percent of employee donations were in opposition to Proposition 8. So Eich was in a 17 percent minority relative to the top companies in Silicon Valley…

…These figures, of course, reflect only those employees who were willing to donate publicly for or against Proposition 8, thereby subjecting their names to a search of public records and to the scrutiny of their co-workers. Before resigning, Eich maintained that his views on gay marriage were a private matter…



Mozilla registers swell of negative feedback following Eich ouster

Mozilla, the company that operates the web browser Firefox, experienced its highest level of negative customer feedback the day after its embattled co-founder Brendan Eich resigned as CEO after gay rights activists objected to his appointment…



Update: JAMES TARANTO: Justice Thomas Was Right: Citizens United And The Defenestration of Brendan Eich.

Brendan Eich was struck by OkCupid’s arrow, but that doesn’t mean he’s in love.

As the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross noted the other day, OkCupid, a dating website, urged its users to boycott Mozilla’s Firefox browser on the ground that “Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples.” Eich’s offense was to donate $1,000 in 2008 to the campaign of California’s Proposition 8, a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage that has since been nullified by federal courts. There has been no claim that Eich, an executive of Mozilla Corp. since its founding in 2005, discriminated against gay employees.

Ross had some fun with the hypocrisy of two of OkCupid’s co-founders, Sam Yagan and Christian Rudder. He searched the federal campaign-contribution database and found that Yagan gave to two candidates who opposed same-sex marriage: $500 to then-Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah, a Republican, in 2004; and $500 to then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Rudder donated $1,000 to Obama’s re-election effort, but that contribution came in September 2012, a few months after the president reversed his position. . . .

Eich’s support for Proposition 8 became public knowledge because of a California law requiring disclosure of personal information–name, address, occupation and employer’s name–of anybody who gives $100 or more to a campaign for or against a ballot initiative. The secretary of state’s office is required to post this information online, and, as’s “AllahPundit” notes, the Los Angeles Times made it available on its site as an easily searchable database.

So I guess it’s fair for people on the right to go after donors to lefty causes? Without mercy…


Read the whole thing at Instapundit.


Update 2: “Brilliant statement”: Gay conservative’s tweet to Mozilla earns “a thousand thumbs up”


Hey, OkCupid, no plan to boycott former Mozilla CEO’s ‘homophobic’ JavaScript?


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