Billionaire Koch to Billionaire Buffett: Screw Your Call for Higher Taxes–the Government is Incompetent

Henry Blodget
Business Insider

[Charles] Koch doesn’t dispute [Warren] Buffett‘s contention that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary and that he could afford to pay a lot more. He also doesn’t argue (thankfully) that higher taxes would remove his incentive to invest and create jobs.

What Koch does do is cite the “massive uncontrolled increase in government spending” of the last several years, This, too, is a flawed (or at least incomplete) argument: Government spending has been exploding for the past 11 years, not just the past “several.”.

But then, more persuasively, Koch invokes a sentiment lots of reasonable people will relate to: He suggests that he can spend his money a lot more wisely than the government can…

The complete article is at Business Insider.

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