Billionaire Socialist George Soros to Spend Millions on 2014 Democrat ‘Big Data’ Effort

Donald Douglas
American Power

Obviously, panic on the left is reaching defcon levels…

…Liberal and Democratic-leaning groups, facing difficult midterm elections next year without the technological muscle of the Obama campaign behind them, are preparing a major effort to improve their data infrastructure.

George Soros, the retired hedge fund billionaire and longtime patron of liberal causes, will invest $2.5 million in the effort, officials involved with the plan said. His participation is a signal that some of the wealthy donors who arrived late to the Democrats’ “super PAC” efforts in 2012 are committing early for the next round.

The initiative opens a new front in the “big data” arms race between the left and the right, as the Republican Party and conservative outside groups pour money into political technology after a presidential campaign in which they were badly outmatched…

…Here’s the piece on the Democracy Alliance at Discover the Networks, “A New Alliance of Democrats Spreads Funding: But Some in Party Bristle at Secrecy and Liberal Tilt.”

Democracy Alliance is a front-group for the most radical organizations in the United States, groups that have been working for decades to destroy the basic fabric of American freedom, to leverage in the far-left socialist state. More on where that funding goes, “The Democracy Alliance’s Grant Recipients.”…





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