Bizarre: Former Felony Murderer Is Now a Professor at Columbia; Meanwhile, Pediatric Neurosurgeon with No Criminal Record is a ‘Monster’

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A strange juxtaposition of stories from Hot Air. Convicted felony murderer Kathy Boudin is an adjunct professor at Columbia.

But Ben Carson is, according to the left, a “monster.”

He saved lives while Kathy Boudin was ending them. Obviously he’s a monster and she’s a Distinguished Intellectual. Nice leftwing people on Twitter said so.

Recovering former “brain-dead liberal” Evan Sayet has some thoughts that may partly explain this mysterious method of “thought” of the left. He’s written a book called Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks, which he talks about with the Daily Caller.

His thesis is that America, since WWII, and until 9/11, has been pretty idyllic. Not much bad has happened — at least not compared to the rest of the world, and the rest of history. This has created a perverse situation in which stupid thinking is sort of permitted to live, protected from hard consequences — stupid thinking will not lead you do death any longer, as it once did.* It might just lead you to a professorship at Columbia…


The article continues at Ace of Spades HQ where there is video of Evan Sayet talking with Ginni Thomas.


Related:  At American Power, Former Weather Underground Radical Kathy Boudin Now Teaches at Columbia University School of Social Work.  Professor Douglas has included several links and a video discussion between Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin.

Also, Reverend León vs. Dr. Carson

…Once you get beyond the nasty, clichéd and divisive insinuations about conservatives being racists and the basic inappropriateness of the whole spectacle, it seems to me the obvious point is to compare the reaction to Ben Carson’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast and the reaction to León’s remarks…

Dr. Ben Carson: White Liberals Are ‘The Most Racist People There Are’  An audio interview with Mark Levin.

…I’ll bet many of them are so outraged right now that they could absolutely lynch this uppity, gay-hating Uncle Tom…


UpdateRev. Leon is proof that the US is very kind to immigrants

…Rev Leon should have reminded the audience, and specially all of the young people, about how the US has always opened its doors to people looking for freedom, like him and me.

At the same time, the US, like any other sovereign nation, has immigration laws and people should respect them.  Doesn’t Rev Leon have rules in his church and expects people to respect them?…

Everything wrong with lib’s’n lefties can be summed up by comparing how they treat Dr Carson versus how they treat Kathy Boudin at The Astute Bloggers.


Update 2:   Liberal Bob Beckel goes off on Ben Carson for Telling the truth about White Liberals….So What?

White liberals are “the most racist people there are,” Dr. Ben Carson told conservative radio host Mark Levin on Monday. That comment infuriated “The Five” co-host Bob Beckel, who slammed Carson for not only making the comment, but also for thinking liberals care about what he thinks.

Also, Rush Nails Lib Media: “Isn’t It Racist To Assume Obama Would Be Good At Basketball?”…


Update 3: Weather Underground Terrorist Kathy Boudin Goes from Prison to Columbia Prof

A black police officer, Waverly Brown, was killed instantly. Just to make sure, one of Boudin’s gangster friends fired into him point-blank as he lay on the ground.

Robert Redford Hearts ’60s Radicals, Violence and All

Hollywood’s romanticizing of murderous radicals is an affront to decency. Redford and Company’s rose-colored hagiography of bloodstained killers defiles the memory of all those victimized by leftwing militants on American soil.

Dr. Ben Carson to Mark Levin: ‘Vicious white liberals are the most racist’; Vicious libs prove him right at Twitchy


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