Black Caller to Rush: Pulling a Gun on Me Wouldn’t Make Me Vote For Obama Again

Daniel Noe
The Center for Western Journalism

Rush Limbaugh took a call from a very bold person yesterday.

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Also, Roberto Unger, Obama’s Former Harvard Law School Professor, Says The President ‘Must Be Defeated’

…”President Obama must be defeated in the coming election,” Roberto Unger, a longtime professor at Harvard Law School who taught Obama, said in a video posted on May 22. “He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States.” [emphasis CAJ]…

1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama: Complete Edition

…46. In his book The Audacity of Hope, Obama was cited as saying The Constitution is a “living document,” that can be interpreted “in the context of an ever-changing world” (i.e. however he wants).

47. Before becoming an author, the president admitted he wrote some “very bad poetry.” This is true. Just one sample shows the same tendency to split a conjoined word: it’s not “under water,” it’s “underwater.”

48. Literary analysis performed by an expert at detecting forgery and fraud points to the strong possibility that Obama’s biographies were written by a ghost writer.

49. Additional evidence shows that the ghost writer may very well have been unrepentant socialist terrorist and then-contemporary English professor William Ayers of the Weather Underground.

50. When Barack Obama was young, he was mentored by Moscow-connected Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis. Identified as only “Frank” in his biography Dreams from my Father,  it was claimed that “Frank” was a poet on par with contemporary communist poet Langston Hughes. It was later discovered that this had to be Davis, a poet who had indeed joined the Communist Party USA. Obama later confirmed the relationship with Davis while attempting to distance himself from him.

51. In late 2008, Obama’s spokesman Robert Gibbs denied to Chris Matthews that William Ayers held a fundraiser for Barack Obama. Later on, William Ayers was caught on tape admitting that he held a fundraiser for Obama in which the future president was in attendance…

And so on…

UpdateFor those who don’t know: ‘Snerdley’ is Rush’s call screener (and a black guy)

Snerdley wants me to zero in on the “blacker than any actual black person” [segment of Toni Morrison’s comments], and he thinks the jury is still out on this.

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