Black Caucus’s Clyburn Knocks Pigford II Fraud Safeguards on House Floor

Gary Hewson
Big Government

As the Pigford investigation continues, it is important to note that we have demonstrated in our Pigford Report that there is massive fraud in the Pigford I settlement, but you have yet to hear a pro-Pigford politician admit to that fact.  To this day, President Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack maintains there are, at most, 10 cases of fraud. Big Government showed two videos of black farmers alleging that Congressman Sanford Bishop not only knew about the fraud in Pigford I, but also instructed the black farmers who brought the information to light to keep quiet as long as “the money was flowing.”…

…Why would the third-ranking House Democrat speak out against fraud-prevention provisions in Pigford II when at the very least other members of the CBC demonstrably knew fraud was rampant in Pigford I?

Why would Clyburn say it would create a “witch hunt” even though the witches are very real, especially considering there have been no investigations or “witch hunts” into Pigford at all. To the contrary, we have spoken with FBI whistleblowers who are willing to testify before Congress that multiple Pigford fraud investigations were quashed.

Could it be that Reps. Sanford Bishop and Clyburn know that if the extraordinary amount of fraud is discovered that the American taxpayers’ “money will stop flowing” to the voters in their districts?

The complete article, with video, is at

Also at Big Government, Black Farmers Still Battling USDA

…To date, more than $1 billion has been paid in $50,000 increments to more than 13,000 black farmers. The rub is, according to Buena Vista farmer Eddie Slaughter, many of the recipients of the settlement money are not farmers at all.

According to a July 2010 report by Kate Pickert in, the largest single settlement under Pigford went to Shirley and Charles Sherrod, who were awarded $150,000 each for pain and suffering and $13 million for the defunct New Communities Inc. farms.

“They are paying non-farmers while the bona fide black farmers are the ones who suffered the injustice,” Slaughter, who was one of 157 farmers who brought the original suit in 1997, said. “The problem is there is so much money that the lawyers got involved, telling people how to fill out the claims and how to get around not having a farm ID number.

“I know people who have gotten this money and they are not farmers. A lot of black folks look at it as reparations. But this is supposed to be about saving black farms, not reparations. If they want reparations, let them file their own lawsuit.”…

And at BigGovernment a liberal author asks, Is the Right Wing Blogsphere Afraid of Pigford?

…why hasn’t the right wing blogosphere picked up on Pigford?

Don’t get me wrong. The mainstream media hasn’t picked up on it either and I’m willing to grant that most of the MSM leans left. The left wing blogosphere has totally ignored the Pigford reporting I and others here have done. But I UNDERSTAND that. This story isn’t good for Democrats.

But where are your guys?

I mean, we have a congressman, Sanford Bishop — a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, for goshsake — admitting he knew about fraud. Admitting it to newspapers. Where’s Rush or Fox News or Malkin or Red State or Coulter or Beck, or…anyone? Instapundit has covered it. Derbyshire did a piece on Pigford a few weeks back but didn’t mention the stuff on this site. And that’s about it.

Again. Democratic Congress. Fraud. Scandal. Billions. And — crickets on the right.

Is it the race thing? They mentioned Van Jones and Charlie Rangel, right? A Breitbart thing? They sure seem to use material he breaks, if memory serves.

Seriously, I don’t get it. Help me out here.

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