Blacks in Murrieta Confront Pro-Illegal Immigrant Supporters

Jim Hoft
The Gateway Pundit

A group of black Americans spoke out in support of protecting women and children in America BEFORE worrying about the rest of the world. This occurred at the Murrieta California Border Patrol Station on July 4th, 2014…

…“If somebody brought six children to your house and you ain’t got no job, are you going to take them in?… Are you going to try to find out where they came from? Are you going to try to send them back?… What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?… Why would we add to the problem?”…

“It’s just too much. We already got starvation, kids walking without with no shoes. We are already taking that on in America. We don’t need other people’s kids to bring more problems.”


…The debate starts around the 1:40 mark in the video when the black Americans confronted the illegal immigrant protesters.

“What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?”
(Raw News Video Unedited – Warning on language)

The unemployment rate for black Americans is more than double that of white Americans.



Watch the video at The Gateway Pundit.



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Suddenly, Barack Obama is concerned about “enforcing the law.” He’s using an anti-trafficking law as a pretext for doing nothing about the Border Crisis. Remember, Rahm Emanuel used to say, “Never waste a crisis.” I believe Obama wants there to be a massive flood of illegals crossing the Border so he can have a cover for imposing some kind of Executive Action regarding Amnesty. He knows he can’t get Amnesty through Congress, so he is creating a scenario that he thinks will give him a reason to do it unilaterally. Just MHO.



Obama Skips Border Chaos, Will Fundraise in Austin With Director of Pro-Illegal Immigration Film

President Barack Obama is refusing to visit the turbulent U.S.-Mexican border, where a flood of illegal immigrants continues to overwhelm the region.

Instead, Obama will visit the home of Austin-based filmmaker Robert Rodriguez this week as part of a trio of Texas fundraisers. The Austin visit features tickets ranging in price from $5,000 to $32,400. The July 9 fundraiser also will feature actors Rosario Dawson, Danny Trejo and Jessica Alba….

Pics: Racist La Raza Thugs Wearing Masks Try To Intimidate Protesters In Murrieta…

Try to imagine the response from the media if a bunch of Klan members showed up…




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