Black Journalist Stuns 'Meet the Press' Panel

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Jason Riley is one of the more lucid voices on race relations in America, and his frank citation of black crime statistics befuddled the “Meet the Press” panel who just randomly interrupted him to get him to shut up already!


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Related: Witness conversation caught on tape at scene could be pivotal in Brown shooting case



DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson

What the mainstream media is not reporting is beginning to leak out from local citizens in St. Louis and from an informant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who are all telling a different story that the one you are seeing on Fox, CNN and CBS. First, the locals are reporting that the rioting has spread far beyond the Ferguson city limits. Rioting is taking place as far away as St. Charles which is located approximately 20 miles away from Ferguson. Second, more people are becoming aware that the police chief of Ferguson, Thomas Jackson, is not in control of his own police force as he has relinquished control to DHS…



Communists And The New Black Panthers Gin Up Violence And Racial Conflict In Ferguson (video)

What started as a contested shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown, has now been nudged into a full blown racial conflict in Ferguson, MO by Communists, the New Black Panthers and the DOJ (yes, you read that right, the US Department of Justice). Trayvon Martin didn’t get the job done, so the race hustlers have moved on to their next racial martyr to incite riots and violence and further the Progressive agenda…



Obama: Attorney General Will Travel to Ferguson (video)


Cop’s side of the story comes out, says Michael Brown punched officer in face, went for his gun…


Update: County investigation: Michael Brown was shot from the front, had marijuana in his system

Michael Brown was shot in the head and chest multiple times, according to Mary Case, the St. Louis County medical examiner.
While Case declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation into Brown’s death, another person familiar with the county’s investigation told The Washington Post that Brown had between six and eight gunshot wounds and was shot from the front…



Update 2: Preliminary Autopsy Seems To Indicate Brown’s Hands Were NOT Up When Shot In Arm



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