Black Tea Party Protesters vs. Keith Olbermann

Matt Welch

A couple of months back, in response to criticism about his multiple characterizations of Tea Party activists as racists, MSNBC oxygen-generator Keith Olbermann issued this agonized open letter to his antagonists:

[A]sk yourself, when you next go to a Tea Party rally, or watch one on television or listen to a politician or a commentator praise these things or merely treat them as if it was just a coincidence that they are virtually segregated. Ask yourself: Where are the black faces? Who am I marching with? What are we afraid of? And if it really is only a President’s policy and not his skin, ask yourself one final question: Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?

Instead of asking himself, Nathanial Alexander Stuart took a video camera to one of the hundreds of Tax Day rallies April 15, and asked a handful of black protesters. This is what Stuart came up with:

The article, with another video, is at

Also, see this video at “Tea Party hero knew question was coming

…Darryl Postell tells Fox host Gretchen Carlson that he had paid attention to the media’s spin of the Tea Party rallies and calculated that some reporter would want to ask him why he attended the rally on Tax Day. Counting on that, Postell prepared his answer carefully, and then delivered it rather masterfully, putting NBC reporter Kelly O’Donnell on the defensive ever since…

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