‘Blankets, Books and Buddies’ for children in Moore, OK. Update: Sheets for MASH unit

As A Mom

As A Mom has a program that we call “Blankets, Books, and Buddies.” This program was started a couple of years ago because as moms, when there is a devastating event, we want to reach out and help, especially the smallest victims. We have done this several times, and our moms always step up and send wonderful “care” packages to those little ones who need something to brighten what can be very bleak days after a disaster. The idea is to put together a box with a blanket (many moms make these) so the kids can be cozy, a book to read, because they probably lost all of theirs, and a “buddy”, which is a stuffed animal of some kind that they can cuddle. Many of us put in other things as well, it’s all up to you.

Everyone is aware of the terrible tornado that destroyed much of Moore, OK. The biggest difficulty in trying to get our BBB program running is finding someone on the ground in towns that are devastated, to take our packages and then distribute them. We have one of our own…who is working at this moment to get us an address to send our packages to. She is from Moore, OK, and as soon as she gets the address we will post it here, so please be watching for it.

In the meantime, you can make those blankets or gather together the items you wish to send and get ready for the next As A Mom…Blankets, Books, and Buddies Event!


From the group’s website:

If our children lost everything what would they want?

That is what the AAM board asked ourselves when natural disasters occurred in 2011. Our answer to that is the Blankets, Books and Buddies [BBB] program. We were able to get them to thousands of children.

We are all saddened by the devastation for so many people caused by the tornadoes. As moms, we are especially mindful of the impact this kind of disaster has on children. We are working on the gathering end of supplies needed to bring comfort to children at this very scary time. It is our desire to augment the current relief efforts by meeting the needs of the affected children in such a way that is not so obvious—by bringing a little bit of “normal” back to their lives in the form of Blankets, Books and a Buddy (toy).

  • Blankets- New purchased or homemade Quick and easy blanket ideas
  • Books – children’s – teen’s (gently used is fine)
  • Buddies (stuffed toys- new only)

For donations of money please donate through a reputable charity… Do not include money in boxes.

Moore Oklahoma Tornadoes

We are currently trying to find an on-the-ground partner and will post an address as soon as possible…

Please Mark your boxes with “Books Blankets and Buddies.”


Update: This just came to our attention: VA Woman Collects Clean Sheets for Afghanistan MASH Unit

…RoxAnne Christley who lives in Roanoke, VA found out from a friend married to a MASH nurse in Afghanistan that he was unable to get clean and fresh sheets for the beds in their hospital unit. “They wash them but they are just coming apart” Christley said. She promptly organized local resources and is now shipping over more than 100 sets of clean sheets to the MASH unit.

With the generous donations from people in her Republican Women‘s group, attendees at a military appreciation day in nearby Salem and Pat Kennedy of Kennedy Chiropractic, community members donated sheets and money, along with other non-perishable items for care packages to go to Afghanistan. Each package can be a maximum of 60 lbs, and the local UPS Store has generously donated packaging services for the effort.  Packages arrive for pick up in Afghanistan only once a month. Her sheets should be going out next week and she expects to have about a dozen packages…


Read the article for RoxAnne’s contact information if you can help.



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