Boehner Statement on President Obama’s Labor Day Trip to Cincinnati

Republican Leader Urges President to Abandon Job-Killing Agenda

Washington, Sep 7 – As President Obama travels to Cincinnati, Ohio this Labor Day for a speech to the local AFL-CIO affiliate, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today called on the President to abandon his job-killing agenda and focus instead on policies that address the number one concern of the American people: jobs. Last Friday, the Department of Labor announced that the nation’s unemployment rate has increased to 9.7 percent; Ohio’s unemployment rate currently stands at 11.1 percent. Boehner issued the following statement:

“Mr. President, the people of Ohio and the nation are asking one simple question: Where are the jobs? Our country has lost approximately 2.4 million private-sector jobs since the Democrats’ trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ was enacted and it is long past time for Democratic leaders to abandon this job-killing agenda and focus on the number one concern of the American people: jobs.

“The Administration claimed that if its trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ became law, the unemployment rate wouldn’t rise above eight percent, and that in its second 100 days we were ‘going to see a lot more jobs created.’ Neither has happened. Instead, unemployment has soared to nearly 10 percent, millions of jobs have disappeared, massive new debt has been piled on future generations, and the prospect of tax hikes on middle-class families and small businesses seems more certain by the day.

“Washington Democrats should listen to the American people and abandon their plans to impose a job-killing government takeover of health care and a new job-killing national energy tax. These two cornerstones of the Administration’s agenda threaten to hurt small businesses and destroy millions of additional American jobs. It’s time for the President to hit the reset button and work with Republicans for better solutions, before more debt is piled on our children and more American jobs are destroyed.”

Boehner Press Release

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