Border Patrol Agent Diaz gets two years prison for handcuffing illegal alien

“The judge ignored numerous admissions by their own witnesses of perjury. Word is the government did not want this case sitting out there being campaigned on during the 2012 election cycle, so that Holder/DOJ leaned on the judge.”

Kimberly Dvorak
Homeland Security Examiner

Border Patrol Agent Jesus “Chito” Diaz received a two-year prison sentence for mishandling his handcuffs on a known-illegal alien drug smuggler. He was charged by the Obama Administration Justice Department using the vague “civil rights” strategy and was convicted last week of lifting the arms of a prisoner while handcuffed.

According to the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, the government’s case is based on false testimony that is contradicted by the facts. This includes the charge that Agent Diaz was physically abusive to the then minor “MBE” as noted by court documents and transcripts that Diaz allegedly put his knee on his back and pulled back on his handcuffs.

“However, given the time of day during the incident, October 16, 2008 at about 2 a.m. and lack of lighting it would be impossible to have actually seen much if anything. The agent who stood next to Mr. Diaz, Marco Ramos testified that he did not see anything that was claimed to have taken place,” Andy Ramirez, president of LEOAC explained. “Other witnesses made claims that were contradictory amongst each other, and some later admitted in court to having perjured themselves, including Gabriel Lerma. Such admissions were ignored by the court and government who continued the prosecution having filed charges against Mr. Diaz for lying to investigators.”

Despite the explanations, the Mexican Consulate pushed for charges against the Border Patrol agent…

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