Boston Bomber on Twitter: ‘A decade in America already, I want out’

Charlie Spiering
The Washington Examiner

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspected Boston bomber still at large, has a Twitter account that journalists have already poured over for most of the afternoon.

He appeared weary of America at times, although he celebrated elements of American pop-culture.

Here are some of his mentions of America on his account:

“A decade in America already, I want out,” – March 2012.

“You guys know that the suicide rate for active duty American soldiers is at an all time high for 2012, a suicide a day, whats the #problem?” – November 28, 2012


The article continues at The Washington Examiner.

Also at the site, Cellphone video captures shootout with suspected Boston bombers 

A cellphone video captured the noise of the shootout that reportedly occurred last night with the Boston bombing suspects and law enforcement officials.



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