Boston’s Democratic Socialists of America Support Wisconsin Occupation

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

From Democratic Socialists of America‘s Talking Union Blog:

In Boston on Tuesday 22 February, DSAers joined over a thousand union members and supporters demonstrating outside the statehouse in solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

Wisconsin has been in the forefront of our minds, as tens of thousands of people have poured into the streets to resist the Republican governor’s attempt to effectively eliminate all collective bargaining rights for public employees.

The energetic and enthusiastic Boston rally was attended by a healthy mixture of public and private sector union members.  DSA members who were not part of a union contingent joined the hundreds of community supporters. We had made a baker’s dozen of  signs with slogans like…“Madison to Cairo: Workers United!”…

…Although [Rep. Mike] Capuano later had to apologize for the “bloody” comment, the assembled crowd met the substance of his remarks with cheers, whistles and applause.If Democrats are telling us that  elected officials need that kind of pressure from the streets,  you better believe  we gotta do it…

Boston DSAers in action

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Also at New Zeal, …Rep. Mark Miller–Socialist Stooge in the Wisconsin State Senate?

No State Senator bears more responsibility for the recent events in Madison, Wisconsin than Mark Miller. As Democrat minority leader, Mark Miller led a a boycott of all 14 Democrat State Senators. The group all bailed to neighboring Illinois on February 17, denying Republicans a quorum in the Wisconsin State Senate, so they could not pass Governor Scott Walker’s controversial “Budget Repair Bill”.

Even before thousands of socialists and labor unionists descended on the State Capital, Miller reportedly worked with Madison mayor Dave Ciesliewicz in an attempt to persuade the Secretary of State to delay Scott Walker’s Bill, so that Ciesliewicz could sign off on City union contracts before the Bill was passed.

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