Boycott of Israeli goods?

Danish Secretary of State: Goods imported from Israeli settlements must be labelled. “Will have very significant and direct impact on import.”

Nicolai Sennels
Jihad Watch

What do Muslims and Socialists have in common? Well, first of all, they both define themselves by having pity toward Muslims. And, of course, the Jeeews — not inbreeding (here, here), constant Palestinian aggression and violence, Palestinian schools teaching kids to be suicide bombers or the Quran — must be blamed.

We are still waiting for the Left to demand that goods from occupied Tibet should be labelled. But then again, China is too big to fight, and they are socialists, too… We are also still waiting for the Left to demand labelling of halal goods. But then again, Muslims vote for the Left and will lose income if we infidel consumers are able to see the difference…

Translated from Danish by Nicolai Sennels, Politiken May 18: “Goods from Israeli settlements will be labelled“. One more reason for Muslims to vote for the Left:

It must be crystal clear to Danish consumers if they are standing with a product from an Israeli settlement in their hands. This is the message from Secretary of State Villy Søvndal (Socialist Peoples’ Party), who will introduce a labeling system for all goods imported from the settlements, ‘which are illegal according to international law’. Denmark thereby tightens this new EU law (more than other countries)…

The article continues at Jihad Watch.

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The Palestinian campaign to boycott goods produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank has received a boost from abroad with an unprecedented South African proposal to have the name of Israel dropped from labels on merchandise made in the settlements.

The South African government issued a notice saying it wants to require merchants “not to incorrectly label products that originate from the Occupied Palestinian Territory as products of Israel.”…

Update: New French Interior Minister: I Will Not Accept Preachers of Jew Hatred

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