Brandeis Says 'No' to Feminist, 'Yes' to...Terrorist?




Michael Graham
The Natural Truth

It is impossible to parody American liberalism, because every example you would invent to mock them is in fact something they have already done.

When Brandeis University decided to kow-tow to religious extremists and withdraw their honorary degree/opportunity to speak from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I made an off-hand comment on the air about how these same liberals would have no problem inviting unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers to speak on campus.

D’oh!  From 2009:

Former radical William Ayers will finally get a chance tonight to be heard on a Massachusetts college campus.

The onetime member of the 1960s militant antiwar organization the Weather Underground will speak at 9 p.m. at Brandeis University in Waltham. It will come more than two months after Boston College canceled a scheduled appearance by Ayers…


…The same students who–no joke–couldn’t say for sure they would oppose HITLER speaking at Brandeis (yikes!) are now happy to ban a feminist currently living under a death threat imposed by religious extremists.  But for Brandeis, this story is just getting good…



Read the complete article at The Natural Truth.


Also at the site,  Boston’s “Moderate” Imam Attacks Ayaan Hirsi Ali At Meeting Of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group  (video)

Imam William Suhaib Webb is a good Muslim moderate. I know this because I read it in this glowing “journalism” by the Boston Globe-Democrat. So it must be true!

So it was interesting to watch his comments (watch them above) last year attacking Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an “islamophobe” and an “idiot,” and denouncing Harvard for allowing her to teach at their university. He also accuses her of being bribed to attack Islam. That’s a pretty strong accusation against a woman who’s living under a death threat for her opinions and has survived female genital mutilation at the hands of her fellow Muslims.

Hey–at least Imam Webb didn’t call for her execution. Is that what makes him a “moderate,” Boston Globe?…


Read the whole thing.


Update: Brandeis Breakdown

I’ve been looking for someone who is knowledgeable about what is happening behind the scenes at Brandeis University in the wake of the withdrawal of the invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree. Yesterday I spoke with such a source…



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