Brazil Scolds US Hours After Obama Leaves, China Worried Revolution Will Spread

Verum Serum

From today’s NY Times:

On Monday, hours after the departure of President Barack Obama, Brazil’s government issued a statement condemning the assault and urging “the start of dialogue.”

So much for our wonderful future as partners. The main point of the article is that China is now stepping up opposition to the US led actions as well:

China’s response to the allied campaign has been the most forceful, with warnings that the assault could bring about a “humanitarian disaster.” In a regular news briefing on Tuesday, Jiang Yu, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, called for an end to hostilities. “We’ve seen reports that the use of armed force is causing civilian casualties, and we oppose the wanton use of armed force leading to more civilian casualties,” she said.

No one believes that China gives a damn about civilian casualties. They are facing an uptick in public dissatisfaction with their own dictatorship and have been cracking down hard on pro-Democracy forces….

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