Bullets from Mexican shootout hit Texas city hall

Alicia A. Caldwell
Dallas Morning News

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wants border security to top President Barack Obama’s agenda in the wake of stray gunfire from Mexico that left seven holes in El Paso’s city hall.

In a letter sent to Obama Wednesday, the Republican wrote that the incident that left two dead in Ciudad Juarez and seven bullet holes in El Paso’s city hall proved the need for more border security. Juarez is across the Rio Grande from El Paso.

El Paso police said one bullet from the shootout between Mexican authorities and criminals more than a half-mile from El Paso’s city hall broke through a ninth-floor window and six others struck the 10-story building’s stucco. No one in El Paso was injured.

H/T Michael Yon who wrote on his Facebook page: Ever get the feeling that the U.S. military is on the wrong continent?

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