Bush GSA Chief: Vegas Junket Paid for With Stimulus Money

Paul Scicchitano
19 Apr 2012

Lurita Doan, who headed the embattled General Services Administration (GSA) under former President George W. Bush, today charged that the money used to pay for the bureaucrats-gone wild extravaganza in Las Vegas was syphoned away from the stimulus intended to jumpstart the nation’s ailing economy.

“What’s really sad is the money that they’re using is not just taxpayer money. It’s also the stimulus money which was intended for shovel-ready infrastructure projects which was intended to create jobs and it didn’t happen,” Doan charged on Fox News.

Doan, who headed GSA from 2006 to April 2008 and was the first woman to serve in that position, was commenting on the conference for 300 people in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers $823,000 and raised indignation on both sides of the Potomac as Congress weighed in with a series of hearings this week.

Taxpayers shelled out for private parties, bicycles, $6,000-worth of commemorative coins and even a mind reader…

The article continues at Newsmax.

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Photo of GSA's Jeff Neely posted on Google + by his wife, Deborah Neely


Photo h/t Jake Tapper’s report on ABC News

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