Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010; exposing the Obama lies

Anthony G. Martin
Columbia Conservative Examiner
December 1, 2009

In case you have forgotten already, it is my duty to remind you that Americans are about to be hit by a runaway freight-train in 2010. The Bush tax cuts are going to expire, meaning that we are about to experience the largest tax increase in history, and that doesn’t even include the tax hikes inherent in Obama’s massive spending spree nor the new taxes slated to pay for his healthcare and cap-and-trade proposals.

Obama and his minions, including the Democrat-controlled Congress, justify allowing the tax cuts to expire so that we can ‘address the budget deficit.’

Only a clown could use this line of reasoning with a straight face, particularly given the fact that every single thing this President and this Congress have done drives up the deficit and thus, contributes to the mega-burdensome national debt.

As we have stated repeatedly, just since January of this year, all under the watch of Obama and the Democrats, this nation has managed to amass a mountain of red ink to the tune of 2 trillion dollars.

No government in the history of civilization has done such a thing…until now.

Yet these masters of the turn-of-the-phrase, doublespeak, and smoke and mirrors claim that the Bush tax cuts need to expire ‘in order to address the debt and the deficit.’

Clowns, one and all.

But in addition to the stark hypocrisy that such a statement exhibits, the Obama machine goes further to engage in outright falsehood, blatant lies, and stunning deception.

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