Caddell: Boehner ‘Purposely Suppressing Anything About #Benghazi’

Larry O’Connor
Big Journalism
6 Aug 2013

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell appeared on Fox News to discuss the latest revelations on the Benghazi terror attacks of September 11, 2012. Caddell accused the White House of being involved in a cover-up of the events leading up to the attack and the aftermath. He also accused Speaker of the House John Boehner of purposely avoiding any attempts to hold the Obama Administration accountable:

“We have John Boehner, who has been purposely suppressing anything about Benghazi because he knew what we found out this week. And he approved it.”

Caddell accused the CIA of illegally running guns out of the Benghazi annex to Syrian rebels and he alleged Boehner approved of the plan.


Watch the segment at Big Journalism.


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