Canada: After Keystone, We’d Rather Sell Oil to China

John Sexton
Big Peace

Solyndra is no longer the administration’s biggest energy blunder. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared a think tank event held in Washington yesterday. During an interview Harper explained that President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline had forced Canada to change course in ways that will permanently affect Canada’s approach to its own energy market:

In a public one-on-one interview here with Jane Harman, head of the Wilson Centre think-tank, Harper said Obama’s rejection of the controversial pipeline — even temporarily — stressed Canada’s need to find other buyers for oilsands crude.

And that wouldn’t change even if the president’s mind did.

“Look, the very fact that a ‘no’ could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets,” Harper told Harman in front of a live audience of businesspeople, scholars, diplomats, and journalists.

In other words, there is no undoing the damage inflicted by the decision to stop the Keystone project. Prime Minister Harper touched on this a couple times during the exchange. The entire thing can be viewed at the Wilson Center website. Here’s a bit of Harper’s statement on Keystone…

…Obama could have approved the pipeline, added 30,000 jobs to the economy, and insured the most secure oil source for our future. Instead, he chose to kill the pipeline and the jobs and, in the process, insured that America will pay more for the oil it does buy. It’s hard to imagine a worse decision, especially since it was all so Obama could deny Republicans a win in the run-up to the next election.

The complete article is at Big Peace.

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…Now this probably wasn’t the US image that Barack Obama chose to restore when he made his grandiose and hateful apology for most of America’s history during a 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt. Instead, America with Barack Obama as President is once again an evil, greedy, conniving neighbor that dominates others and connives to work against the interests of anyone unfortunate enough to share the same hemisphere.

A little known fact about NAFTA (never mentioned amongst our mordant fears of Mexican trucks on American highways) involves the fact that US gets a major price break on petroleum products from Canada under the deal. In return for their loyalty and consideration, Barack Obama has gotten on the phones and lobbied Democratic Party Senators to block the Keystone XL Pipeline. Canadian Prime Minister Harper seems prepared to terminate the US “Good Neighbor Discount.”


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