Appeals Court Says Obama Can’t Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Obey HHS Mandate

Steven Ertelt Life News 8/21/2015

In a victory for the pro-life fight against the HHS mandate, a federal appeals court issued a ruling today saying a Catholic religious order, the Little Sisters of the Poor, does not have to comply with Obamacare’s abortion mandate while its lawsuit against the mandate continues. The mandate compels religious […]

Here Comes the Pain: ObamaCare Employer Mandate Now in Effect

The Right Scoop 1/1/2015

The media stood by and watched as Obama rewrote the Obamacare law to delay implementation of the worst parts of Obamacare, all for political calculations. And they said nothing.

Now, after all the consequential elections are over, the employer mandate finally kicks in and many businesses and Americans are now going […]

Obama weighs executive hammer

Benjamin Goad and Ferdous Al-Faruque The Hill 7/1/2014

President Obama is weighing executive actions after the Supreme Court ruled against ObamaCare’s contraception mandate.

The White House swiftly called on Congress to enact a legislative fix but realistically knows lawmakers aren’t about to act.

Obama has come under criticism from Republicans for his use of executive […]

Judicial Watch Has Reportedly Obtained a Secret Report on Early Obamacare Enrollments

Pete Kasperowicz The Blaze 5/19/2014

Judicial Watch on Monday announced it has a copy of a report from the Obama administration that shows there were just two enrollments in Obamacare after the first day of operation on October 1.

The government watchdog group said a senior official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services […]

Under Obamacare, People Must Be Broken of their Preference for Choice

Peter Suderman 5/13/2014

We have a new contender for most-telling-ever Obamacare quote this morning: “We have to break people away from the choice habit that everyone has.” That’s Marcus Merz, head of Minnesota health insurer PreferredOne, in a New York Times report on the increasing prevalence of narrow network health plans.

Merz is basically […]

#LibertyTax: White House, Media Attack After Drudge Pays Obamacare Opt-Out Penalty

Matthew Boyle Big Government 21 Mar 2014

A White House aide set off a stampede of liberal media criticism for Internet news pioneer Matt Drudge over Obamacare – but his critics don’t seem to understand how small businesses pay taxes.

The brouhaha started when Drudge tweeted, “Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting […]