Liberal Mega-Donor Wants to ‘Penalize People’ Who Add to ‘Climate Risk’

Yaël Ossowski The Daily Signal 7/2/2014

Speaking in New York City last week, Wall Street billionaire Tom Steyer outlined his vision for penalizing people whose actions may contribute to climate change.

“We need to reward people whose behavior reduces climate risk and penalize people who add to it,” Steyer said. “If we can get this […]

Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters and the House culture of entitlement

Ruth Marcus The Washington Post 8/4/2010

My favorite part of the ethics report on Charlie Rangel involves his efforts to “close” a $10 million gift “to create AIG Hall” as part of the Rangel Center at the City College of New York.

Yes, that AIG.

…Maxine Waters, the California Democrat who this week joined Rangel […]

“The Legs of a Potential Scandal”

This morning blogger Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) directed his readers to an article in New York magazine by Joe Hagan “about the suspicions surrounding Goldman Sachs, insurance giant AIG, and last fall’s TARP bailout:

” [[The AIG rescue is the incident from which all other Goldman conspiracy theories spring — the original sin, […]