CDC Director: Ebola in Africa now an ‘epidemic,’ ‘completely out of control’

Noah Rothman
Hot Air

Centers for Disease Control Director Tom Friedman did not return from his visit to West Africa, where the worst outbreak of Ebola in history has spread to five countries and killed at least 1,500 people, with any good news.

Friedman told CNN hosts on Tuesday that the Ebola outbreak in Africa is currently “completely out of control” and is now an “epidemic.” The CDC director added that “it will get worse in the future and our window of opportunity to turn it around is closing.”

This outbreak has resulted in accelerated research and testing of an experimental Ebola vaccine. Experimenting with a workable vaccine will begin this week at the National Institutes of Health. “According to the NIH, the vaccine will also be tested on healthy volunteers in the United Kingdom, Gambia and Mali, once details are finalized with health officials in those countries,” CNN reported.

But while the West seems largely convinced that superior medical technology and detection methods will prevent the disease from spreading to the United States, two experts on viral outbreaks are not so sure…



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