Celebrating an Independence won with George Washington’s Sword, John Adams’s Voice and Mr. Jefferson’s Pen

B. Daniel Blatt

While it was the force of arms (under the shrewd guidance of George Washington that secure the independence we celebrate today, it is the force of ideas preserved in the document declaring that independence that endures, ideas which remain as potent today as they were 235 years ago on a humid summer’s day in Philadelphia, PA.

As we remember those powerful words which served to sever us from a King (and Parliament) who denied his American subjects the rights those inhabiting his sceptered isle had been acquiring piecemeal for centuries, we recall also how hesitant was Mr. Jefferson to write them.  He had little idea then that his words would come to define a nation and inspire men and women suffering under the lash of tyranny around the world for centuries after he was all but dragooned into writing them…

…Despite it’s author’s (professed) humble intentions, the Declaration has become, as Ellis put it, “the seminal expression of the American Creed, the closest approximation to political poetry ever produced in American culture.”…

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