Chamber of Commerce Declares 2014 the ‘Year of Immigration Reform’

Donohue: ‘We’re two-thirds of the way there’

Elizabeth Harrington
The Washington Free Beacon

Thomas Donohue, the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, declared 2014 the “year of immigration reform,” Wednesday, during his annual state of American business address.

“We’re determined to make 2014 the year that immigration reform is finally enacted,” Donohue said. “The chamber will pull out all the stops—through grassroots lobbying, communications, politics and partnerships with our friends in the union, and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement groups, and others to get this job done.”

Immigration reform was one of several items on the chamber’s agenda for 2014. Other reforms he endorsed included expanding domestic energy production, delaying or repealing the employer mandate under Obamacare, and comprehensive tax reform to lower rates and simplify the code…

…“It’s time for our leaders to act like leaders, to tell the American people the truth,” Donohue said, “and to craft a fair, sensible plan to reform and save these vital programs.”

Donohue laid out a vision to “expand opportunity for all,” and argued immigration reform is vital to that aim.

“Throughout history, immigrants have brought innovation, ideas, investments, and dynamism to American enterprise,” he said. “And in terms of demographics, we need immigration.”…



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…In his “State of American Business” address, Donohue, without directly naming it, said that the Tea Party would face a “significant response” from the Chamber in 2014. He said “early involvement in the primaries is all about where we are going” and emphasized the group will try to make an impact “right from the beginning” in at least ten primary contests.

As Breitbart News reported, the Chamber is planning to spend at least $50 million to crush the Tea Party, largely because of the movement’s opposition to amnesty legislation, which the Congressional Budget Office determined would lower the wages of American workers and which the Chamber has been coveting…




Update:  Campus discusses allocation plans for undocumented student aid initiative

Less than a week after receiving more information regarding the allocation of UC President Janet Napolitano’s $5 million initiative to aid undocumented students, UC Berkeley administrators are already developing a plan to fund enhanced student services and expand financial aid opportunities for these individuals.

Napolitano outlined the allocation of the initiative in a letter sent to the chancellors Dec. 18. According to the letter, UC Berkeley will receive $660,000 in total, $250,000 of which will go toward funding more student services such as resource centers and advising programs. The remaining $410,000 will be used for financial aid, which is to be split between work-study positions and a loan program for undocumented students…

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