Choosing Freedom over Islam, and the Story of Wafa Sultan

“What can we do to stop Islam?”

by Daniel Greenfield
Canada Free Press
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today I attended a Q&A with Wafa Sultan as part of a book signing for her new book, and I noticed that the common theme of virtually every question that was asked by the attendees could be summed up as, “What can we do to stop Islam?”

There is of course no simple answer. Communism, the closest parallel to the current threat we face, attacked us at a military, political and cultural level. Islam attacks us at a military, political, cultural and religious level—making it a four part threat. And while the Soviet Union did finally collapse, looking at the state of freedom in America and Europe today, at a political environment that has dispensed with democracy in favor of judicial activism and class warfare politics that owe a good deal to the dictatorship of the proletariat—the question of whether we defeated Communism, or Communism defeated us, remains open…

…Wafa Sultan’s book, A God Who Hates, is valuable in both providing the personal narrative of an ex-Muslim and the cultural and psychological brew that goes into making and distilling the toxic poison of Islam into the human soul. Wafa Sultan provides an examination of Islam from the inside that few Western experts could contend with and a personal narrative of what life is like for an educated woman who is relegated to the status of a second class citizen under Islamic law. But Wafa Sultan’s challenge is that she not only deals with what is wrong with Islam, but what is wrong with us for being so willing to sit idly by in the face of the Islamization of our countries.

We are all too eager to rush around looking for a moderate Islam, all too willing to embrace the path of least resistance, little realizing that the path of least resistance for us, is also the one that offers the least resistance to Islamofascism. If Islam represents an absolute and unforgiving sense of structure that purports to be the will of Allah, a god made in the image of the tribal traditions of fearful men afraid of death while all too eager to deal it out to others, the modern West is equally devoid of structure, and all too willing to embrace the alien rigidities of Islamic or Socialist codes that govern every aspect of human life and death.

But Islam in the abstract is despite all its horrors, different than the day to day reality of living under Islamic laws and mores, of existing in a culture in which there is no room for human values, only for Islamic ones. That is the story that Wafa Sultan’s book tells in all its horror. It is also the story of leaving that world behind for a world in which human values matter more than the words of the Koran. A God Who Hates is a Koran as well, or rather an Anti-Koran, that recites not the legends and myths of Mohammed, but the facts of how life under Islam is actually lived…

…The solution is to choose freedom. The systems of Islam and Communism are greedy, ruthless and seductive. They excel at falsehoods and deception, but in order to be deceived, one must first be gullible. In order for slavery to seem appealing, one must find slavery appealing. To be free of Islam and Communism, we must first be free, not in the anarchistic sense, but in the intellectual and the political sense. For to be free is to bear the responsibility of your own actions and the ownership of your own thoughts. And Islam and Communism can have no power over the minds and destiny of a free society.

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