Beck: Chris ‘Balloon Head’ Matthews

Chris Matthews went after Michelle Bachmann for comments she made during her response to The President’s State of the Union regarding the Founders and slavery. Glenn took exception to Matthews’s remarks, and he showed who the real balloon head was on radio this morning (hint: he’s a host on MSNBC. OK, that doesn’t really narrow it down).

“And I think it is high time that recognize the contribution of our forebearers who worked tirelessly, men like John Quincy Adams who would not rest until slavery was extinguished in the country,” Rep. Bachmann said.

“Well, I don’t know what to make of that, Sal. That balloon head. That’s not what our history was founded on. We created the Constitution which includes treating slaves as three fifths of a person. It went on all of the way to the Civil War. We had compromise after compromise trying to avoid a war. We went to war and lost 600,000 people in the worst catastrophe in our history because slavery continued to the 1860′s and only ended because of that war. And here’s this woman you’ve made your spokesperson saying that somehow the founding fathers dealt with it. That’s the one thing they did not deal with. That was the horrible compromise that was at the heart our Constitution. Why do you put someone like this forward who is a balloon head, who knows no America history?” Matthews responded.

Well, Glenn really didn’t like those comments as it showed a complete misunderstanding of history…[continues at the link]

H/T therightscoop

OK, so, Chris, does this mean that whole “civility” thing is over already ? Just sayin’…~CAJ

Update: Da Techguy’s blog, I guess TPM doesn’t know their history. Palin did have her facts straight about the space race, actually. But you’d have to have know U.S. history…hence, we are seeing the “rewards” of our progressive education system.

Update 2: HillBuzz, Now vs. Then: Chris Matthews Thinks Panama Canal is in Egypt. Had Previously Ridiculed Sarah Palin’s and Michele Bachmann’s Intelligence.

Doesn’t that headline sort of remind you of the old joke, “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?”

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