Chris Christie Tells Local Dad Medical Marijuana More ‘Complicated’ Than Just Letting His Daughter Live

Ed Krayewski
Reason Magazine

So New Jersey legalized medicinal marijuana in 2009, but implementation’s been slow and stupid. It took three years, for example, for the first dispensary to open. Unsurprisingly, it’s still easier to buy street drugs in New Jersey than legal marijuana, even for medical marijuana patients. This June, the state legislature passed a new law that would make it easier for sick children to access medical marijuana. It’s August, and New Jersey’s paternalistic governor, Chris Christie, is still mulling it over. Confronted by the parent of a child waiting for easier access to medical marijuana, Christie explained it wasn’t as simple as just signing the law…


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…there seems to be data suggesting that in certain neurological diseases, some of the chemical properties of marijuana might also be beneficial.  Such is the case with Vivian Wilson, 2, whose father is urging New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to pass a law making it easier for children to obtain medical marijuana.

Wilson suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a severe, difficult-to-control epileptic condition. Her father, Brian, has said that ingestible extracts of certain strains of marijuana high in a compound known as CBD and low in THC, the chemical that gets pot users high, have reportedly helped children with Wilson’s condition…



Update:   Christie Unofficially Launches 2016 Campaign by Ripping Paul, Jindal



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