Chris Matthews Admits: Cruz has 30%…Harry Reid Doesn’t Have 30% Behind Him

Elizabeth Sheld
25 Sep 2013

On Morning Joe, Chris Matthews made a stunning admission. At the conclusion of a discussion about the Cruz “filibuster”, Matthews said that Cruz was playing to his crowd. He went on to say:

We all know this country is balkanized..and he’s playing to that 20%-30%…they’re there and they are rooting for him…Harry Reid doesn’t have 30% of the country behind him.” Mika and Joe agreed.

Yes Chris, I think that is the point.


The video is at



Also at the site, Matthews on Cruz: “Hitler” loved “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” too.


What a maroon…


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…We conservatives have been cornered by ideological zealots bent on transforming our nation and our healthcare at any cost, however underhanded and nefarious, and we have rarely been defended with any such zeal. Now, on the threshold of imminent defeat, we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having no option but to either surrender or fight on the ground upon which we now stand. And we must choose, even though both paths will likely lead to the same terrible outcome that Sowell describes.

And in this regard, maybe it’s not George Washington we should be looking to as an example in this particular moment. Maybe it’s William Barrett Travis…



Update: New Democratic Poll: More People would Blame Obama, Democrats for Government Shutdown

A new Democratic Poll shows Americans will blame President Barack Obama and his Democratic cohorts the most if a threatened Government shutdown becomes a reality. The media’s main talking point up to this point is that Republicans will get the blame if Obama shuts down the Government to save funding for his disastrous ObamaCare law…



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