CIA torture report release: Democrats' scorched earth exit

Jim Kouri
Law Enforcement Examiner

The soon-to-be ex-chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, D-Caliornia, is planning to release the final report regarding allegations that agents and contract-workers with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are guilty of torturing and mistreating those suspected terrorists captured by U.S. law enforcement or the U.S. military during the Bush Administration, according to reports on Monday. However, there are many politicians in both political parties, intelligence officials, civilian and military Pentagon staff, and law enforcement officers who believe the release of the report will result in blowback by the Islamic world that will see Americans overseas killed and wounded by angry jihadists.

One police official, who worked on an anti-terrorism task force during George W. Bush’s presidency, said that Feinstein and the Senate Democrats are angry over the last election and losing their majority especially Feinstein, who lorded over the intelligence committee with her band of liberals. “This is a scorched earth policy. I believe it. They are angry at being kicked out of power and they want to punish Americans. These are petty, sociopaths who are actually becoming suddenly transparent when it will result in Americans being hurt,” said former police captain Jerry Hewlett, who headed the intelligence section of the task force…



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…The Democrats’ report, according to Hayden, “is probably the classic definition of political.”…



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