'Citizenship and good government require the involvement of a virtuous people'

Rand Paul Tackles Nation’s ‘Spiritual Crisis’, Reveals What Will Make America ‘Thrive’ Again

Billy Hallowell
The Blaze

…While the cultural and political situation is grim, the senator said that “America has much greatness left in her,” encouraging participants to take a deep look at the nation — and themselves.

“Our foundation is cracking. It’s not that we’ve chosen the wrong politicians … it’s more fundamental than that,” Paul proclaimed early on in his address. “It requires a deeper [introspection]. We should pray for our country and our leaders.”

He continued, “America will thrive when we realize that freedom requires faith to sustain it.”…

…Paul also noted that the government is unable to take the sort of effective humane action that churches and individuals can deliver.

“Government can supply bread, but it can’t mend a broken spirit,” he added…



The complete article is at The Blaze.


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