Clinton Internal Cable Forbids Use Personal Accounts

Just got this document from FNC’s Catherine Herridge about Secretary Clinton and personal emails

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Per FNC’s Catherine Herridge…

Fox Exclusive: Clinton Internal Cable Forbids Use Personal Accounts

Fox News has exclusively obtained an internal 2011 State Department cable that shows Secretary of State Clinton’s office told employees not to use personal email for security reasons, while at the same time, HRC conducted all government business on a private account.   Sent to Diplomatic and Consular Staff in June 2011, the unclassified cable, with Clinton’s electronic signature, makes clear to “avoid conducting official Department from your personal e-mail accounts”  and employees should not “auto-forward Department email to personal email accounts which is prohibited by Department policy.”

The Cable was addressed to all diplomatic and consular posts with the subject line “Securing Personal E-mail Accounts.” While the cable told employees to secure personal/home email accounts given increased targeting of government employees, it makes clear that these personal accounts should never be used for government business and cites the departure procedures which prohibit the practices.

The relevant section is from the Foreign Affairs Manual, 12, subsection 544.3.

12 FAM 544.3



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…The most dangerous part of this for Her Worshipfulness is the fact that she knowingly, willfully endangered (and likely damaged) US security all due to her obsessive paranoia that she NEVER BE SUBJECT O PUBLIC CRITICISM, EVER, YOU PROLES…


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QUESTION: And then one follow-up question from yesterday: Do you have anything further on whether there’s going to be a comprehensive review of the contents of these emails or how it is that you’ve reached the, I guess, decision that there was no classified information included?…




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Two years later…


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