Cloward, Piven & Obamacare

Frank Salvato
Emerging Corruption

By now everyone has heard that the Obama Administration is granting waivers to what are being termed “low-wage” employers, corporations that employ minimum wage and/or near minimum wage employees, where the restrictive and anti-free market Obamacare health insurance law is concerned. While top-tier corporations like McDonald’s take advantage of their size, reach and the pre-election political climate to protect the well-being of their ability to exist as free-standing corporate enterprises – something that any responsible corporation would do, this isn’t the case for tens of thousands of small businesses and those who must attain health insurance as individuals.

Who says that Progressives and Liberal Democrats aren’t “in bed” with corporate America?

But these waivers, which could be issued to a number of corporations who employ “mini-med” plans – which offer limited benefits to over 1.4 million Americans, could be short-lived. While companies like Home Depot, Disney Worldwide Services, CVS Caremark, Staples and Blockbuster, seem to be on the receiving end of a reprieve from the Progressives’ march toward universal healthcare, this reprieve will last about as long as the election cycle, and then about as long as it takes to collapse the individual policy health insurance market…

…It is not my intention to explain why Progressives’ need to establish a failed model. Honestly, I cannot fully understand why any fully-aware, historically invested, thinking human being would want to embrace not only what has been proven to be a failed ideology, but one that relegates human life to units of worth based on productivity; one that rationalizes the denial of life-sustaining sustenance to those who can no longer “benefit” society. One need look no further than the horrific Complete Lives System manufactured by the modern version of Josef Mangle, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, brother to former Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who is currently running for mayor of Chicago.

Instead, my intention is to explain how Progressives are setting into motion a plan to attain government-run universal healthcare even as they stand on the brink of minority status in Washington and the many State Houses. Truth be told, there is so very much to augment, defund and/or repeal that time becomes the tyrant. The unanswered question facing the determined champions in the many true Americans running for office this November – and then in November of 2012, Americans invested in protecting our Republican system of government and our Constitution (read: the many Conservative, Tea Party-backed and outside the Beltway citizen politicians) is this: Is there enough time to fix what Progressives have done before the health insurance system collapses into ruin?…

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