CNN: Two “active” Obama supporters at Bain confirm Romney left in 1999

Ed Morrissey

CNN reported last night that the accusations from Team Obama of felonious conduct are sheer nonsense and lies — and got that message from four executives at Bain, two of whom are “active” supporters of Barack Obama.  John King spoke to all four, three of whom are Democrats, and all four said that Mitt Romney left Bain in a big hurry in 1999 in order to work full time on rescuing the Salt Lake City Olympics.  The rushed departure created a lot of paperwork headaches as Bain tried to unwind Romney from leadership, which required a significant amount of time.  That’s why the company had Romney’s name on their SEC paperwork the next two years, as King reports:


CNN isn’t alone in debunking the ludicrous charge of felonious conduct made by Team Obama…

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Here is Wikipedia’s entry about the 2002 Winter Olympics to refresh your memory.

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Update: From The Blaze:

The Obama campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney for potentially being a “felon” has backfired in almost every conceivable way. But don’t tell Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, or we’ll lose all sorts of unintentional comedy. You see, since the accusation was made, LaBolt has been the poor staffer required to defend it, and he’s been doing everything in his power to stick his foot in his mouth as much as possible. Witness this maddening segment with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz…

Read the complete article and watch the video at The Blaze.

Beating a Dead Horse: The Left Media Lies About Romney Taxes from Breitbart.

Update 2:  On Facebook Glenn Beck posted:

This morning I took an in-depth look at the main attacks the Obama campaign has used so far against Mitt Romney. It’s a pretty sad lineup of negatives – either false or not even bad in the first place. That’s the problem with negative personal politics, it doesn’t work against a truly decent human being. So who’s it going to be America: a former member of ‘The Choom Gang’ or an alleged ‘hair cutter’:

Decision 2012: Former Member of ‘The Choom Gang’ vs. Alleged Haircutter

Update 3: Freedom’s Lighthouse has posted a video interview of David Gergen by Anderson Cooper. “Obama is playing a very rough form of politics…Is this what we were promised?”


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